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adbLink works well with Intel ChromeOS Linux.

To install the ChromeOS Debian Linux environment (aka Crostini), open settings, expand the "Advanced" dropdown, click "Developers", then click the "Turn on" button.

ChromeOS will automatically download the necessary files and set up your Linux container. When it finishes, the default Terminal app will open a terminal window. Next, update the APT repository index. APT is a command-line pakage manager for Debian Linux, and keeping it up to date will ensure you're always installing the latest versions of tools in its repository. To update APT use the following command at the terminal:

sudo apt update

Once APT has updated you will need to install an adbLink-compatible terminal program. adbLink works with three different terminal programs, Gnome Terminal, KDE Konsole, and XFCE4 Terminal. All three are available for ChromeOS, but XFCE's is suggested, since it's very low-resource. To install, use the following command:

sudo apt install xfce4-terminal

To install adbLink or adbLink2, visit and download the Linux version of either program. To access downloads using Linux, file sharing must be activated. Open ChromeOS Files program and right-click on the Downloads folder then select "Share with Linux". You can now access downloads at "/mnt/chromeos/MyFiles/Downloads" with the Linux command-line or a Linux file manager.

Move the downloaded archive to your Linux home directory and unzip:

mv /mnt/chromeos/MyFiles/Downloads/adb*.zip /home/yourname/
unzip adb*.zip

You will now have an adblink or adblink2 folder in your home directory.

You can add adbLink to the launch menu by customizing the adblink.desktop file that's located in the adblink/adbfiles/icon folder. Copy the edited adblink.desktop file to /home/yourname/.local/share/applications/ and the adblink.png icon file to /home/yourname/.local/share/icons/. adbLink will now be iconized and in your Start menu. You can add it your your shelf by right-clicking on it.

For more details regarding ChromeOS Linux visit this link